Siding, Clapboard


Clapboard wood siding applied horizontally with the grain running lengthwise over the exterior wall. The quarter-sawn boards taper in thickness for overlapping with the thickest section of the board on the bottom. Clapboard is common in the Northeastern United States. Assumes exterior wall design attributes such as numerous corners, window and door shapes and openings typical of high value homes. Can also include mostly clear grade wood, which contains no knots.

Included in Cost

Wood siding, exterior trim, vapor barrier, flashing, caulking, paint, scaffolding where needed and installation labor.

Not Included in Cost

Framing, which you must add using the Framing materials. When some or all of the Exterior Wall in a section is a Frame Exterior Wall, you must also enter framing materials totaling 100%.

Exterior Doors and Windows, which you must add using the materials on the Exterior Features page.

Entry Information

Enter a percentage between 0 and 100.