Built-In and Basement Garages


The following explains the difference between a built-in garage and a basement garage, including instructions on how to include the garage area for each type.

Built-In Garages

A built-in garage is built into the residence at the first floor or grade level, which has living area above. The following illustrates various built-in garages.




2 Story with Built-in Garage

Split Level with Built-in Garage

Bi-Level with Built-in Garage

When entering a built-in garage, you must include its area in the Total Living Area on the Building page.

Example: For a two-story house with 1,000 square feet on each floor, including a 2-car, 500 square foot built-in garage on the first floor

  1. Enter 2,000 square feet for the Total Floor Area field on the Building page.

  2. Enter the built-in garage either using the Built-in Garage, 2 car material selection or enter the total square footage for the Built-In Garage, Square Feet material selection on the Attached Structures page.

Basement Garage

A basement garage is partially or mostly below grade, with its entrance level with the basement floor.


When entering a basement garage, you must include the area of the basement garage in the basement percentage field on the Building page. DO NOT include the area of the basement garage in the Total Living Area field.

Example: For a 1,000 square foot, one-story house with a full basement, 500 square feet of which is a 2-car basement garage and the remainder of which is finished:

  1. Enter 100% in the % Basement field and 100% for the % Basement Finished field on the Building page.

  2. Enter the basement garage either using 500 square feet for the Basement Garage, SF material selection, or using the Basement Garage, 2 Car material selection on the Garages & Carports screen.